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Our Italian Gentlemenclover ties
“Ready-to-wear or Made to measure”.

A mix of ready-to-wear and home-style Italian silk ties combined with a tailor-made offer. A wide and diversified range, blending stylish Italian ties with luxurious silk. The Gentlemenclover men’s neckties have a strong design and are modern, entirely handmade in Italy, with a rolled hem giving them a sartorial luxury spirit and finish! A must for the house, Gentlmenclover ties will be unlined. One without lining, with a triple lining to reveal the heart of your luxury tie. A ‘tie heart’, characterized by the construction that can be found in our tailor-made online shop; from 3-layer to 12-layer. Conferring a real exclusivity of service and offer. In order to guarantee you a tie completely handmade and in the pure Italian tradition; the triplicate can be removed from your choice of 7-ply construction!


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