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Our Italian silk ties Gentlemenclover “Ready-to-Wear or Made-to-Measure

Our ready-to-wear offer is a mix of luxurious Italian silk ties focused on a home style combined with a made-to-measure offer. A wide and diversified range for men. Gentlemenclover men’s silk ties have a strong design and are modern, entirely handmade in Italy, without lining and with a rolled hem giving them a luxury spirit and finish of the most “sartorial”!

Why silk for our Italian ties?

The choice of a light silk that we source from our workshops and the best weavers in the Como region of Italy. For Gentlemenclover, nothing beats the depth and character of hand-printed silk. The time-consuming printing process requires a great deal of experience to achieve quality, as the color reacts after printing with oxygen to form the final shade: a delicate process that requires a delicate hand. Our silk is hand-printed in Italy, in a factory with over 100 years of experience. No other printing method produces the same richness and brilliance of color that we so enjoy. The result is a lush, rich effect that we love!

Sublimating men’s style with our luxury ties

Another house requirement, Gentlemenclover men’s ties will be unlined. An unlined, tri-fold to reveal the heart of your luxury tie. A “heart of tie”, which is characterized by the construction that extends on our online store; from 3-ply to 12-ply. Conferring a real exclusivity of service and offer. In order to guarantee you a tie completely handmade and in the pure Italian tradition; the tri-fold can be removed from your choice of 7-ply construction!

Handmade in Italy: The added value of our men’s ties

A Gentlemenclover silk tie that is willing to bend the neck of all preconceived notions. Strong of its Italian origins, the desire is to be able to highlight the exclusivity of handmade in Italy with our silk tie! No matter, the time, the moment, the occasion, the will being to wear its silk tie for men without any constraint and lightness! Luxury is also that!


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