After the announcement made some December 23, 2017, it was unthinkable for me not to be able to write you these few lines without wishing you my best wishes for this year 2018, filled with joy and success.

2018 will be a very special year, as you know, with the launch of my first line of ties that will not be long in this end of January.

After the announcement of my new project, I was touched and delighted to see that it could grab your attention. I was very often contacted, questioned and especially encouraged. All this together allows me to believe a little more in my story. So this first month, will be short and intense, because I still have work for the implementation of my kisskissbankbank campaign. You will forgive me if I overflow on the beginning of February, because even if the perfect will be difficult, I want for you, get closer to it.

Gentlemenclover is before being a brand, a style, a luxuriance accessible by the tie that I wish to put back to the taste of the day. By bringing my imagination of luxury and handmade product at an affordable price. A charismatic and refined tie, which will be light and unstructured. So far from it, the idea of ​​giving you a history course but rather the sweet wish to give you style, and that … whatever the context.


So where, when and how?

As I told you, Gentlemenclover will be funded through the French crowdfunding platform “kisskissbankbank“.
At the end of January or the beginning of February, a second newsletter will be sent to inform you of the precise date.

You will then have 36 days to pre-order the ties.

As my idea was to give it a “youthful” what better for me than to adapt with the times by putting forward this first line in a current way with crowdfunding.

The goal is also to understand for the better your expectations and your wishes. In addition to helping me finance the rest of my collections, I could also understand your preferences and I could adapt. The idea will remain the same on my shop, you can mainly order by customizing your tie. For those whose system is less familiar, I will explain the procedure to follow to pre-order the tie of your choice.


This last month, what it will happen ?

J A N U A R Y – F E B R U A R Y  2 0 1 8

It will be athletic, on this first week of the year 2018, I will shoot a short film of my story in the streets of Paris. Not to mention the photo part I love to practice throughout the year. So I can also tell you in another way my story. Then I will fly to Italy and Florence, where I will have the privilege to participate at my first pittiuomo. Inescapable place of fashion that takes place twice a year. I will take advantage of new contacts but also and especially to work on the SEO of my next lines.



A small overview of the boxes

– Production of tie boxes Gentlemenclover
– Printing of different media for Gentlemenclover communication
– Creation of the Kisskissbankbank campaign

– E-commerce site, lookbook and many more surprises


But Gentlemenclover ties will look like what?

In general, everything is done according to the season, for this first collection, it will be timeless and will cross the winter like summer. To adapt to any context and any occasion. Then, it will be necessary to choose between this or that drawing, color or weaving. Granted, it will be a lot of information that will be best for you explained. Then it will only be a matter of taste, and believe me, it’s not just the plain silk tie in life.

To help you, you will have a variation of 36 drawings and not to be jealous. 12 drawings will be fixed in 3 folds, 12 drawings in 5 folds and 12 drawings in 7 folds.

 More details : @gentlemenclover

Gentlemenclover_3269 Handrolled 3 folds
100% Silk
Gentlemenclover_G19 Handrolled 5 folds
100% Silk
– Width : 8.5 cm – Width : 8.5 cm 
– Length : 150 cm – Length : 150 cm 
– Construction : 3 plis  – Construction : 5 plis  
Unlined with hand rolled hem Unlined with hand rolled hem
Handmade in Italy Handmade in Italy 

Price: Decomposed into “3 categories”

 Super Early Bird : 60€ ***for the first 10   Super Early Bird : 75€ ***for the first 10
 Early Bird : 65€ ***for the next 20   Early Bird : 80€ ***for the next 20
 Kisskissbankbank : 70€ ***delivery france
– (Future “retail price” : 85€)
  Kisskissbankbank : 85€ ***delivery france
– (Future “retail price” : 99€)
***the prices above are not yet fixed and valid only for a delivery France.
An additional cost is being estimated for EU and World deliveries.

Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Kisskissbankbank unlimited. You will be offered in “Super Early Bird” for the first ten, with the initials offered. The next twenty will then be in “Early Bird” before going on the last installment of “Kisskissbankbank unlimited” You will have other possibilities for the latecomers rest assured.

3 folds, 5 folds, 7 folds but what is-it ?


A tie is above all a product that lives and its construction is not to be forgotten. The most keen of you, already know this difference but the idea is also to discover with my lines to those who would not know this particularity, or who do not care!

Gentlemenclover ties will go from 3 folds (the cheapest) to 7 folds (the most expensive) but do not worry, no matter which choice your tie will be of quality. You just have to understand that for a 3-ply tie, the workshop will need fewer fabrics and especially less intervention time to generate folding and construction.

Again this is only a matter of taste, but to help you identify yourself with the Gentlemenclover style, let yourself be carried to 5 folds that combine finesse and good behavior.

The chosen fabric, its construction will also come the stage of the validation of your pre-order. You will have to choose the measurements of your tie and its options only after the good respect of these different stages.


I wanted a wide and varied choice, because it has always missed me so far the opportunity to have a tie that I could customize my wishes with a luxurious fabric and especially at an affordable price. All of these conditions are hard for me to collect but Gentlemenclover does. Then to remain transparent on the subject, I remember that I delete a lot of intermediaries and it also helps me to offer this range of prices.

All my ties are handmade in two workshops in northern Italy and probably a little new that will arrive sooner in the south. For fabrics, I’m not a magician, and the region of Como was for me an evidence, it is also no longer a secret. We all come to the same place, where the know-how is the best and most artisanal, with a real story.


Now to find out more?

One solution : stay connected : FacebookInstagramBlog


Photo : Florian

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