Oxford Giza 87 – White Puglia – Semi-French collar


  • Oxford / Cotton 120/2
  • Thomas Mason Cloth
  • Australian mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Semi-french collar
  • Made in Italy

Giza 87 is a precious Egyptian cotton cultivated exclusively under special climatic conditions in the fertile Nile Delta region. The fibre of Giza 87 offers extraordinary and unique characteristics, the length of the fibre is particularly long (35 mm with a uniformity index of 87.3%) with a good elongation and a resistance equal to 44.60 g/tex.

The little extra, we allow us to adapt to your measurements if ever a measurement does not match your morphology. Select “change your measurements” and send us your instructions by email.

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Our ready-to-wear shirts are made in the pure Italian tradition. For the little story, we wanted in the continuity of our ties to bring another know-how to our entrepreneurship.

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The sizes

The know-how

Sartoria Giuseppe Ancona

For this second collection, we turned to the south of Italy. A ready-to-wear collection that we adapt to you. It is rare and exclusive to be able to choose your size while specifying your sleeve length or neck size. The little extra and gift of the house, the offer will include if you wish your initials.

The history of the Sartoria di Giuseppe Ancona is almost one hundred years old. Its passion, in fact, is the result of a passage of witness that lasted more than 3 generations, starting from the grandfather who in 1932 started the family tradition in the field of neckties. His skill and passion for craftsmanship led his grandfather, then his father Raffaele and his uncle Franchino to develop the company into the field of shirts, jackets and sleeved pieces.

Giuseppe Ancona’s fame has spread to the whole Bari region and beyond. Professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over the region came to their headquarters, founded at the beginning of the 1960s, to test their products. As a result, Giuseppe has always lived in the world of textiles and handicrafts, savouring its traditions and sharing with his family the sector’s ambitions for growth.

After years of study, research and work, Giuseppe has consolidated the methods and tools to create a new quality product that reflects all the creativity and know-how of the Italian tradition, specialising in the field of shirt textiles.
The search for detail, the highest quality, the passion for clothing and tailor-made work are the ingredients that make up the recipe of Giuseppe Ancona shirts.

Each phase of the manufacturing process is followed solely and exclusively in the tailor’s workshop by highly qualified local workers. This means that throughout the production process the steps are controlled and managed by Giuseppe himself, without entrusting them to third parties, thus compromising quality.

All our shirts have thick Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, are sewn at 9 stitches per cm and made with 3 basic hand-made passages (armholes, fourth shoulder and yoke) all in the pure Italian sartorial tradition!

Finishes, fabric and cut


The finishes of this shirt are sartorial:
– Mother of Pearl Australian mother-of-pearl buttons
– cross sewn buttons
– seam 3 pts/cm
– hand-cut

Oxford Giza 87 by Thomas Mason

Giza 87 is a precious Egyptian cotton cultivated exclusively under special climatic conditions in the fertile Nile Delta region. An incredibly robust cotton!

Tight fit

The cut is close to the body, which emphasizes the silhouette but is still comfortable. Our measurement chart is included in sizes 37 and 44. As a little extra, we can adapt to your measurements if a measurement does not fit your morphology. Select “change your measurements” and email us your instructions.

The hand passage

3, 8 or 14 passages

As a difference that could be given between a 3, 5 or 7-ply construction. In short, it takes a minimum of 9 hours of work to obtain a quality shirt.

– 3 passages include: the armhole, the “quarto spalla” the quarter shoulder and it “square”.

– 8 passages include: the armhole, the “quarto spalla” the quarter shoulder, the “square”, the front, the “mosche”, the collar, the cuffs and the buttons.

– 14 passages sartorial finish includes: the armhole, the “quarto spalla” the quarter shoulder, it “square”, the front, the “mosche”, the collar, the cuffs, the sleeves, it “travetto”, the hem, the hand mounted buttons.



37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44

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"Passaggi mani"

3 passages, 8 passages, 14 passages

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