Plain tie 100% wool herringbone pattern


Unlined tie made entirely by hand in Italy, rolled hem.

Width: 3,35-inch
Length: 58-inches or 59-inches
Construction: 5-Ply

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Always in the same guideline as offering you a stylish tie with quality silk handmade in the south of Italy! This time the process is a little different, since we are introducing standard measures to our collection.

Gentlemenclover ties are modern and entirely handmade in Italy, without lining and with a hand rolled hem giving them a sartorial spirit.


One 8.5 cm wide to have a predominant silk and one 58 inches or 59 inches long to suit any style. Whether you like the longer side or not!


The choice of the 5-ply

The subject of difference between the constructions, apart from being very personal, is not very obvious when we talk about the choice of a 5-ply or the choice of a 7-ply. Because for us, these two constructions are really similar. However, we note a distinction in the transition from 3-layer to 5-layer.

You have a tie that holds better, that remains light without denigrating the quality of construction. The positive point is added with the choice of not having a lining which gives you a real comfort when wearing it!

The fabric

100% Wool

In recent years, the woollen tie has come back into fashion. No more heavy woollen yarns, make way for something lighter!

Whether Scottish wool or cashmere, our ties are made with the best. With a satin and silky aspect, our wools have a fineness as light as our silks. Nevertheless we stay on a 100% wool with a heavier weave giving a more voluminous knot.

The reproduction processes remain similar but with a less “peachy” printing “piqué”.

We have chosen for this variation to have our wool ties in 5-ply construction. A beautiful proof that our wool is gently approaching our silk!!

Patterns and style tips

A plain 100% wool

Our advice is to wear clothes with strong patterns as in our photo with, white shirt with blue stripes, the whole being able to be associated with one of our pochettes!


58 inches, 59 inches