Printed silk tie with floral pattern


Unlined tie made entirely by hand in Italy, rolled hem.

Width : 3.35 inches
Length : 58 or 59 inches
Construction : 3, 5 or 7-folds

Within 1-2 working days of your order



Always in the same guideline as offering you a stylish tie with quality silk handmade in the south of Italy! This time the process is a little different, since we are introducing standard measures to our collection.

Gentlemenclover ties are modern and entirely handmade in Italy, without lining and with a hand rolled hem giving them a sartorial spirit.


One 8.5 cm wide to have a very predominant silk and one 58 inches or 59 inches long to fit any style. Whether you like the longer side or not!


3, 5 ou 7-folds

3 folds: a tie folded three times on itself. This is the lightest variation because less material is used. It is a good solution if you choose a thicker material.

5 folds: (the house style) an intermediate construction, which will hold better but is still quite light. We have a little more material, and always a woollen trifold to give consistency to the whole.

7 folds: they are entirely made from the envelope of the tie, folded and folded on itself. They are therefore completely devoid of linings. The hand and the fall obtained thanks to this construction are sublime.


A silk of rare softness

The fabrics are chosen from our workshops, which are supplied directly around Lake Como.

For the record, Como remains the most suitable Italian city for the cultivation of silk thanks to its climate and suitable temperatures. In spite of its history and time, Como embodies the excellence in the weaving of this fiber.

This silk is the perfect fabric for men who wear silk neckties most often in any context!

Patterns and style tips

The floral pattern

It’s not necessarily easy to wear a tie with a floral pattern. Here we have chosen to play on subtlety. Both in terms of colors and patterns. The quality of our weavers also allows for colors not found elsewhere.

To wear them well, we recommend a jacket with a discreet pattern; white shirt , which can be combined with one of our pocket square!


58 inches, 59 inches