Silk knit tie with polka dots and pointed tip


Unlined tie made entirely by hand in Italy, rolled hem.

Width : 3.15 inches
Length : 59 inches

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The know-how

Always in the same guideline as offering you a stylish tie with quality silk handmade in the south of Italy! This time the process is a little different, since we are introducing standard measures to our collection. Gentlemenclover ties are modern and entirely handmade in Italy, without lining and with a hand rolled hem giving them a sartorial spirit.


One 8.5 cm wide to have a predominant silk and one 150 cm long to suit any style. Whether you like the longer side or not!

The fabric

A silk of rare finesse

We choose a historical knitting for our knitted ties. As explained in our “knitting wear”, the knitting of the stitches is dense and thick, which guarantees a nice fall and limits the risk of creasing.

Like everything else, the more technical the fabric is, the longer it takes to produce. The more pleats there are, the more silk is used. A unique relief. Still made in Italy, there are not many people left who can make it of this quality. Our knitwear is made by the same workshop that supplies us with silk grenadine.

Whether it is in the detail of its polka dot (hand sewn) or this time in its stripe, it always requires great care in its detail and workmanship.


Our knitted ties are the perfect detail for a Casual Friday outfit. With a texture of character that allows for robust elegance.

In contrast to the classic knitted ties with a square end, we wanted to maintain a dressy and elegant look with a classic pointed end.

The main difference between them is their worked knit texture, which only a few factories in the world are still able to produce. Special feature: their original texture makes these ties wrinkle-proof. Very practical for travelling.

The little extra and our style tip, a brown suit, white Puglia shirt or to bring some stripes our blue Puglia shirt with or without polka dot pocket square!



Blue navy, Brown