Silk Pocket Square – Watchoniste X Gentlemenclover


– 100% silk (Twill Silk) 16oz
– Printed in England
– Handmade in Italy
– 40 cm x 40 cm
– Hand rolled hem

Choice of :
– EARLY BIRD “SOLO” green or wine lees
– EARLY BIRD “DUO” duo of green and wine-lime
– EARLY BIRD “TRIO” trio of green, wine-lime and blue (to come)

Delivery time:
Pre-order (ends 12/12/2021)
Estimated delivery from 20/12/2021

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The story of a collaboration

The idea with Alex was to be able to link our two “know-how” and our passion for fine watchmaking. A custom creation for Gentlemenclover in the image of the Jeager-Lecoultre house.

Respecting the history of the watch with the representation of polo and Place Vendome.
Historical boutique of the house. Let my entourage and network not see any subliminal message.
I have the great fortune to own the wine-lime model and soon the sun-green model!

A nice wink to have these two colors in my pocket!

Pocket and style tip

It’s rare to see us with a silk square, but we confess that no outfit is truly complete without its pouch. This line follows an inkjet printing process, easily identified by the discreet white sheen on the back (when using block printing, the fabric is colored in a background tone).

Technique & Style Tip: For softer patterned silk pocket squares, we recommend a so-called Dunaway fold, which means in the shape of a flower: as the name suggests for practice, it’s a simple and effective knot.

Simply lay your pouch flat, fold the 4 points in the center and then pinch the silk in the center, hold it taut down and open it to form petals from the top. All this while inserting it and adjusting the shape of your fold once inserted in your pocket.

100% Silk and light weight, and print quality

As with our ties, silk quality and hand-fabrication is a must. For this collaboration, we wanted a unique pocket handkerchief, for a custom printed pouch.

It will also be, the perfect way to enhance a suit, with a unique accessory that matches any outfit. With decades of mastering the art of the perfect pocket handkerchief, we use finely woven silk that allows them to fit in the pocket of any suit jacket.

The prints are visible on both sides of the fabric, offering greater variety.