Silk tie with floral print


Unlined tie made entirely by hand in Italy, rolled hem.

Product victim of its success.
Replenishment (estimated): 23 working days

Delivery: Within 23 working days of your order
(in addition to the replenishment time)


Our tie is made to measure, you choose: – the construction: 3, 5 or 7 plies – the dimensions: width (3, 3.15, 3.35 and 3.5 inches) and length (58, 59 or others) If you wish to have your initials embroidered, you will be able to specify them on the order page.


3, 5 or 7 plies ?

3 plies: a tie folded three times on itself. This is the lightest variation because less material is used. This is a good solution if you choose a thicker material. 5 plies: an intermediate construction, which will hold better but is still quite light. There is a little more material, and always a woollen interlining to give consistency to the whole. 7 plies: they are entirely made from the shell of the tie, folded and folded on itself. They are therefore completely free of interlinings. The hand and the fall obtained thanks to this construction are sublime.


Choose the right length and width of the tie:

For length, three criteria are taken into account: – your heightsyour favorite pants: and how you wear them (high or normal size?) – the style you want: for a classic business wear you will have a small panel that comes to the same length as the big one, while for a more sartorial style you will let the small panel exceed the big one. And for width, here’s what you need to consider: – your build: 7.5 to 8 if you’re thinner, more if you’re taller. – your wardrobe: the width of your tie should be proportional to the width of your jacket lapels and shirt collar. Note that it is possible to be thin and wear a suit with wide lapels, an imposing shirt collar and a tie 8.5 or even 9 cm wide. However, the opposite is strictly not recommended.

Patterns and style tips


Madder ties embody the English spirit achieved through a long and complex process that allows for bright, rich colours and marked contrasts with usually red, mustard, indigo blue etc.

The Madder tie is made from madder, “Rubia tinctorum” which is a perennial plant of the Rubiaceae family which was widely cultivated for the red dye extracted from its rhizomes. It is also commonly known as madder or dyer’s red.

This plant has become too expensive. An alternative was found in 1869 with the alizarin it contains to reproduce this natural pigment into a synthetic one; giving it a very special, velvety and almost powdery feel.

Another astonishing link since Madder translated into French means maderisation, which for wine lovers is a transformation produced spontaneously by generating a rancio aroma. For Madeira, it is provoked voluntarily by heating a wine very rich in tannins in the presence of air.

The little extra and our style tip, white Puglia shirt or to bring some stripe our blue Puglia shirt with or without pocket!


3 inches, 3.15 inches, 3.35 inches, 3.5 inches


58 inches, 59 inches, Others