Striped twill silk tie


Unlined necktie made entirely by hand in Italy, rolled hem.

Width : 3.35 inches
Length : 58 or 59 inches or other
Construction : 3-PLY

Within 3-4 working days from the day after you order


The know-how

Always in the same guideline as offering you a stylish tie with quality silk handmade in the south of Italy! This time the process is a little different, since we are introducing standard measures to our collection.

Gentlemenclover ties are modern and entirely handmade in Italy, without lining and with a hand rolled hem giving them a sartorial spirit.


One 8.5 cm wide to have a predominant silk and one 150 cm long to suit any style. Whether you like the longer side or not!


Our 3-ply ties

Our three-ply ties are folded three times on themselves, without lining. This is the lightest variation because less material is used.

This handmade construction keeps the tie flowing, easy to handle and with which you will easily make beautiful knots.

This is a good solution if you choose a thicker material or for the Spring-Summer season.

The fabric

A silk of rare finesse

The fabrics are chosen from my workshops, which are supplied directly around Lake Como: we have chosen a silk of a rare fineness (24 mummi) to allow a light tie with a flowing fall.

(the mummy is the unit of weight per square meter, one mummy = 4,31g/m square meter)

Repp Stripe Silk Tie_Cravate de soie a rayures non doublée_Bleu_et_marron_gentlemenclover_zoom

Patterns and style tips

The silk twill

Silk twill is the most basic and smooth weave that can be found for a tie: it is the most suitable for formal wear. Unlike ties on the market that are lined (and therefore thicker and stiffer in this weave), our ties are unlined and have an extremely fluid feel, with a harmonious drop.

Thanks to this very wise texture, we have allowed ourselves to use brighter and more luminous colours that will remain easy to wear with classic colours: choose for example navy blue or grey in suits with a pronounced texture.


58 inches, 59 inches, Others


Blue and cappuccino, Blue and green, Blue and orange brown