The tie, just like the suits, follows the seasons and varies according to the temperatures. It allows you to warm up in winter, just as it can be lighter in summer. It may seem trivial, but for those of us who have to wear a tie regularly, it’s a subject we are sensitive to, and it makes a real difference in terms of comfort, but also in terms of style!
Indeed, the tie does not escape the rules of good fashion sense such as proportions, colors but also materials and the play of textures! You will easily agree that a winter outfit will go better with a thick tie, and that a summer outfit will be more coherent with a light and volatile tie.

The 4 season tie

To start his tie collection, the essential material is silk. It is the most elegant and formal material for ties. It is a material that comes in several variations (silk, antique silk, printed silk, grenadine, jacquard…) to better appreciate it. Easy to tie, your first two or three ties should be made of silk. The material is light and volatile, and will protect you whatever the season.

The winter tie

For winter, we prefer heavier, denser materials with a more assertive texture as well. Woolen ties are an ideal ally in this respect. They keep warmer than a silk tie, while bringing this texture more consistent with the cold season. Plain or patterned, they are always tasteful in this period.

The summer tie

Just as the winter season has its own preferences, the summer season also has its own codes. The weather warms up, and naturally one prefers lighter materials, but also brighter materials and more enticing colours. Ties in cotton, linen and various blends with silk are therefore clearly appreciated for their comfort and lightness. I am thinking in particular of shantung silk tie, which offer a perfect example of a summer tie, by proposing a luminous, textured and light fabric.

Contrary to what one could sometimes imagine, the tie is declined and is thus renewed according to the seasons. She appropriates the materials, the work of textures, and patterns, all more technical than the others. This is what we recognize a real brand of tie, it is that it is able to offer something else than “all seasons” ties.

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